Design, culture and tradition

Located in Brianza, productive heart for the market of the furniture, Brianform is active in the manufacturing industry since 1984, producing leather sofas of high quality and offering a broad range of solutions for the furniture that includes armchairs, beds and accessories.
A strong solid industrial structure and with its decades of experience, the company invests on technological innovation, to the side of the artisan tradition to meet the demanding dynamic requirements of the customer.


The values of people

Sensitivity, discipline, dedication. The care of every detail, the accuracy of each seam, the selection of leather choices; each model has all of our attention. Ours is a company made up of individuals. Contact, listening, acceptance are the hinges of our work and this ensures every product possesses a soul. Because it is created by passionate men. Not only is it the creation of objects: but also stories to live, and passions to recount, emotions shared.


Old-time’s flavour, today’s knowledge

The quality of our products has always been guaranteed by the extreme attention and constant control of the entire production cycle; from the joinery, the cutting of the hides, and the packaging. Each production phase is characterised by craft processes that emphasise the care of the detail and finish. Brianform combines tradition and technology, craftsmanship and industrialisation.
The preciousness of the manual cutting together with the precision of the electronic cutting ensuring a strictly high quality of individual product. Made in Italy.


The art of tailoring

Only exclusive hides can be used to cover our products. Made in Italy and for us a concrete value, made of quality raw materials and a historic tailoring experience.
We interpret the Italian style of living reprising the spaces with products they become the protagonists of everyday.


Materials, design and services

We manufacture products of high quality adhering to the more stringent rules as regards raw materials and production cycle, for this we use only hides of first choice and avant-garde technologies.
A cycle of total quality in compliance with constant parameters for the achievement of excellence, exclusively Made in Italy.


The charm of a noble material

The choice of a leather seating is a choice of quality, and testifies to the perception of a noble material that transfers in the domestic world the uniqueness of the Italian style.
We are dealing with the raw material with natural processes and ecological, with the same human care so that we can ensure maximum comfort and the extreme quality of our products.


A global vision of elegance

We wish to express our style on various display: the flagship store, the brand, the small designer boutiques. The Brianform collections are capable of expressing a concept
of global home with a program of merchandising aiming to transform the purchase of a sofa into a taste experience or a lifestyle choice.


The research of perfection

Progress by following and anticipating a continuously evolving market, supplying a diligent search to achieve perfection in the production and design, creating each time a new image that conveys style and personality. One corporate strategy for three different brands with personality well outlined confirms the leadership of Brianform.