Brianform recognizes the importance of having the knowledge and the skills to understand the psychology and principles of buying and selling. Our team of training experts, leads by Ms. Gorpin Phadungratna, Worldwide Chief of Training, provides our customers with the formal training session, to develop the essential skills and techniques, the crucial knowledge and the must have attitudes that will empower them to become a sales success. The training sessions available to our clients consist of “ACCESS Communication Strategies”, the Brianform products and services, and the sales skill training. The training will help the customers’ sales teams develop the proper skills and behavior to sell the Brianform Italian Design Products and Concept, which in turn will bring high sales rotation to our customers.


Chief of training team

As a General Manager-South Asia Operations, Gorpin is in charge of managing the Business Development and Customer Service Training Program for the Asia region. She also takes on the responsibility as the Chief of Training Team Worldwide. After successfully proven her ability to analyze needs and create unique solutions designed to yield profitable outcomes for many multinational organizations in the past 20 years, Gorpin has joined Brianform with a wealth of experience in training and development. She supports the Sales Team improving their management & sales skills and increasing productivity. She’s the driving force behind the successful Sales Team, effectively manage a one-to-one relationship with the team and the clients too.