A widespread distribution at all latitudes.
From contract to residential Brianfom has won markets already established and emerging, selling their own products in twenty five countries.
The total distribution counts twenty eight Flagship Store. From here it follows the style and the unique taste of living that distinguishes us in the world. All our Concept Stores are coordinated and dedicated to the excellence of the Made in Italy ideal.

Flagship stores: China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Morocco, Egypt, Serbia, Korea, USA, Japan, Island

Offices: USA, Tunisia, Taiwan, Serbia, Thailand, Morocco, Australia

Warehouse: USA, Tunisia, Morocco, Serbia, Taiwan, Australia

Point of sales: 264 Qualified Boutiques worldwide



Nord America: info@idpitalia.us, sales@idpitalia.us
Africa/ Marocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egitto: arabconsulting.ccia@gmail.com
Asia: gorpin.p@gmail.com
Medio Oriente/ Dubai, Kuwait, Quatar, Arabia Saudita: commerciale@idpitalia.it
Australia e Nuova Zelanda: commerciale@idpitalia.it
Est Europa/ Ucraina, Russia: douglas.craddock@hotmail.com