Brianform presents to the competitive market world as a complex strategic partner, to a degree satisfy the unconscious needs of our customers , by placing the ” customer ” at the centre of the company.

Brianform expresses a new way of life, founded on excellence: from the very foundation the brand is an expression of the strength and creativity of a company , of the commitment and values ​​of a team of men and women. The specific knowledge of the industrial sectors and trends that characterise them is a fundamental element to ensure a high added value to the services offered to its customers. The industrial know-how is ensured by close collaboration with managers and consultants in their professional careers that have developed specific and relevant business skills , some of which play the role of Senior Management of the Company; this allows the team to have a vantage point on the main industrial dynamics, especially in some specific areas such as: Fashion & Luxury Goods, General Aviation, Yachting. Today Brianform has offices and employees in Europe, USA, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia which respond in real time to customer needs / Local partners. Brianform builds and strengthens relationships with their customers for the long-term , not necessarily linked to the performance of a specific task, ensuring the professional management of all services which, after sales, specially trained technical / commercial, delivered directly at retail, Communication & Marketing activities planned and implemented to attract the attention of the target customer.